Faith Lutheran Church Memorial Garden

Terms and Conditions


The Niches


Forty-eight niches are contained in Phase I of the Memorial Garden Columbarium.  Each niche is designed to hold the cremated remains of one or two people.  The ashes are to be placed in a container or urn provided by the family.  The inside dimensions of the niche are 13 1/8” x 13 1/8” x 9 3/4 “.  The urn(s) will be placed in the niche behind a granite cover which measures 14”x14”, and the urn(s) will not be visible.


Niche licenses are sold on a first come, first serve basis and the price of the niche license is $2200.  A current diagram of availability is also located in the church office.


The Niche Plaque


A bronze plaque with a cross and the identification of the deceased will be affixed to the niche cover.  The plaque will be ordered when the niche is selected, the contracts signed and the payment made for the niche license.  The cost of the plaque is not included in the niche licensing agreement.  The check for the actual cost of the plaque plus shipping and handling will be made out to Matthews and will accompany the order.  For niches holding the cremated remains of two people, the plaque will have the names of the individuals and years of their birth.  Upon death, the plaque will be updated to show the year of death.  For niches holding one person, the plaque will show the month, day, and year of birth along with the month, day, and year of death.  Each plaque comes with the symbol of a cross in the center of the plaque representing the promise that those who die in Christ will also rise in Christ.  Examples of the plaques are at the end of this packet.




Flower holders are provided and are available in the church office for family or friends to use for small bouquets of live flowers.  The flower holders fit in the bottom of the niche and have been designed to be temporary and to hold live flowers.  Upon the Council’s recommendation artificial flowers will be allowed for one year, June 2009 to June 2010, as a pilot program. All other live plants or bouquets may be placed at the base of the Columbarium and, along will all flowers, may be removed. Mementos, decorations or other artifacts are discouraged and will be removed and placed in the church office.  The Church Secretary will notify the family when any items are left.




For niches only, the total amount is payable in full to Faith Lutheran Church Endowment – Memorial Garden when the legal agreement is signed.  If needed, a second option is to pay 50% of the total cost at the signing of the agreement with the remaining balance paid in six equal monthly installments.  This does not include the cost of the plaque, which is ordered directly for Matthews.




Congregational members, current and past, and their immediate family, and designated friends of the congregation are welcomed to purchase a niche licensing agreement.  Other individuals, upon consultation with the Board of Elders and approval of the pastor, are also welcome.


Changes in Licensing Agreement


Cancellation: The purchaser, executor or personal representative may cancel this transaction at any time.  A written notice of the intent to cancel must be delivered or mailed to Faith Lutheran Church Memorial Garden Committee.  A full refund, minus the cost of the initial plaque and a blank replacement plaque, will be provided to the holder of the licensing agreement upon receipt of the notice to cancel.  Once the cremains have been inurned, there will be no refund upon cancellation.


Transfer:  The Niche License Agreement may be transferred to a member of the immediate family.  A written notice of intent must be delivered or mailed to the Faith Lutheran Church Memorial Garden Committee.  All costs associated with purchasing a new plaque will be assessed to the holder of the agreement.


Change in Use:  A written notice of the intent to initiate a change from a single use niche to a two-person niche, or vice versa, must be delivered or mailed to the Faith Lutheran Church Memorial Garden Committee.  To accommodate the change, a new plaque must be ordered.  All costs associated with purchasing a new plaque will be assessed to the purchaser and must be paid in full prior to ordering the new plaque. 


Selling or Transfer: The selling or transfer of the Niche License Agreement to a third party is strictly prohibited.  A buyer is purchasing the right to use the niche for either oneself or some member of one’s immediate family.



The Memorial Plaque Option


There are sixteen spaces for Memorial Plaques to commemorate those who have been buried at a different cemetery or whose ashes have been scattered.  A current diagram of vacant plaque locations is available in the church office.  The plaque has the name and year of birth and death for one or two individuals.  The plaque may also have a cross on the center of the plaque.  Due to limited space available, there is a $400 fee for the space plus the actual cost of the plaque.  Both fees must be paid in full before ordering.  The plaque may be cancelled any time prior to ordering with full refund.  Once the plaque is ordered, only the space fee will be refunded.


Adopted June 14, 2009