Bible Study

Bible Retreats Throughout the Year
Saturday retreats for men and women of Faith are prepared and celebrated periodically throughout the year with worship and praise, large group Bible study, small group table discussions, quiet time, and wrap-up.  Bible retreats utilize the Sanctuary, Goehring Hall, the courtyard, and Memorial Garden patio.

Women's Bible Study
Three Women's Bible Study Fellowship Circles meet each month for faith renewal, and fellowship.  The Hannah-Sarah Circle meets on the 2nd Monday of the month in the Conference Room at 7:00 PM; the Naomi Circle meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM at the home of Jackie Bohlken; the Ruth Circle meets on the 2nd Friday of the month at Brookdale at 10:00 AM.  All women are welcome to participate in these Circles. Please call Lucy Musick at 996-9035 for more information and for transportation if needed. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study -  8:45-9:45am
All are welcome to drop in on any given Sunday.