The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod bears the name "Missouri" because its founders began their work in the State of Missouri.  It is now, however, an International Church with congregations in all 50 states and has missionaries in 20 countries of the world.  In North America it has over 6,000 Churches with almost 3 million baptized members.  What kind of a Church is "the Missouri Synod?"

It is a BIBLE Church
The Lutheran Church believes that the Bible is the Word of God verbally Inspired by the Holy Spirit and preserved by God in its inspiration, so that it is the only source and norm of our teachings and practice.

It is a MISSIONARY Church
Lutherans are conscious of the mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ "to preach the Gospel to every creature."  Each congregation seeks to share its faith with its community.  Missionaries are sent throughout the world to help establish self-governing churches.  Mass media is used to share the Gospel through the national radio ministry, "The Lutheran Hour" and "This is the Life."

It is a GOSPEL Church
The Lutheran Church teaches and preaches the "Good News" that God through His Son, Jesus Christ, reconciled the world to Himself.  Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave on Easter morning in order to pay the penalty for sins and to release us from its power.  This forgireness and new life is offered to everyone.  It is given by God's love and received by faith.

It is a TEACHING Church
Lutherans support a large number of Parish Schools, Preschools, Colleges and Seminaries in addition to Sunday Schools and Bible Classes because we believe that faith in Jesus Christ is the basis to a meaningful life.

It is a SACRAMENTAL Church
The Lutheran Church believes that Holy Baptism and Holy Communion are means by which the Holy Spirit comes to His people to create and nourish faith.

It is an ACTIVE Church
Lutherans believe that every Christian should be active in serving the Lord and witnessing to Him in every apsect of life.  Organizations in the Church seek to motivate, equip and challenge us for service to Jesus Christ.  There are many organizations for people to join and become active within our family.  We support small groups for tasks, worship, witness, and growth in our Savior.


About Faith Lutheran Church of Sonoma Valley

The vision of Maria Trappe to establish a Lutheran church in Sonoma Valley was realized in 1933. These early worshipers gathered at various buildings throughout the Valley; the First Congregational Church, Sonoma Valley Women's Club, and Sonoma Vista Improvement Clubs.

Then in 1947, a surplus Navy barracks building from Mare Island was purchased and moved to Sonoma. In 1953, "Faith Lutheran Church of Sonoma Valley" was established. The charter members were a group of growing families; the 82 communicant members of 1953 had 101 children, of whom 30 were less than four years old.

Over the years, several long-term pastors have served the congregation well. Through their guidance, we continually grow in our love of worship, our commitment to the study and understanding of His Holy Word, to the witness of His Holy Name before others, to the service of all people in need, to the fellowship of the saints, and to the stewardship of His gifts. We have a vision of our church work happening outside the walls of our church, and by doing that work, we bring about meaningful change in both the lives of our members and the community we live in.

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