Faith Lutheran Church Memorial Garden

Information Packet


Greetings and blessings to you,


We are pleased that you are considering the inurnment of a loved one or yourself in the Memorial Garden at Faith Lutheran Church.


After years of planning, the Memorial Garden and Columbarium were created in 2004 to provide a home for loved ones and a sanctuary of peace and reflection, where members and friends can honor and remember their loved ones.  The first phase of the project, as well as the initial landscaping designed to complement the Memorial Garden, has been completed.


The first phase of construction has provided forty-eight niches.  You are welcome to select any available space at any level.  A current diagram of available spaces is located in the church office.  If possible, we suggest that you visit the Memorial Garden to assist you in making your selection.


Determining which niche you desire is the first step in the process.  Next you will need to make an appointment with the church secretary to fill out both the Niche License Agreement Form and the Plaque Order Form.  Upon completion of the forms, payment is due.


Next the plaque order form will be sent along with an additional check to Matthews for the cost of the plaque, shipping and handling.  Once the plaque arrives, it will be affixed to the niche cover.  You will then be asked to make an appointment with the pastor to arrange a time for placing the urn in the niche and for any services you wish to have conducted at that time.


Those families who have already chosen to participate in the Memorial Garden are pleased to have a sacred spot of peace and serenity where they derive comfort and strength.  Before making your final decision, please carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the other information.  Included in this Information Packet you will find:


·        Terms and Condition

·        Diagram of Plaque

·        Niche Agreement Form

·        Matthews Plaque Order Form



The Memorial Garden Committee

June 2009